Why STYLE is a Statement!!! Fashion is to be Wore and Trends are only Passing Through…

A Trend is something you do for right Now…

Fashion is how you wear your Cothes…


Style is something you Have and you can Never pretend to Have IT…

In our lifetime we all want to make a statement about who we are through our clothes and personality.  So, we try to dress different from the people we’re around but that doesn’t make a statement about who you are or were you’re going in life it only says we know put on different outfits.  The first thing people see or notice when they come in contact with you is the Clothes you’re wearing and the addtitude you have in them.  

So, before you can make a statement with your Fashion you have to know if and what fashion is.  So, these are a few  questions you may need to ask yourself…

  1. What desginer do I like the most? and Why?
  2. What type of makeup makes me feel great when I’m wearing it?
  3. When I think back when did I fill the most fashion forward?
  4. Do I purchases quality or quanity when it comes to my fashion?
  5. Will my clothes stand the test of time?

You may say why do I need to ask myself these questions and the reason is your anwsers will detemine if you know the difference between Fashion and Trends.  It will show you what you need to do to make a few major changes to your wardrobe.  You see Fashion is what you wear and how you put it together but trends are something you buy but can’t wear it for a lifetime.  You can only wear Trends for a moment.  You Fashion is an investment into you future because it you purchase the right piece they’ll last a lifetime and that’s what you want when it comes to your clothes.  So, before you can ever be or have Style you must know if you know what Fashion is.

Style is a hold other thing most people walk around talking about how stylish they are and how their Style is all that.  When really they are talking about their Fashion.  Because Style is an additude that you have with or without designer lables on your back.  Style is the way you enter a room, the way you hold your head when you enter that room, how you shake someone’s hand, the way you use your words in specific situations, how you hold your glass before you drink out of it.  You see Style is something you’re born with and not everyone has it.  Some people have worked hard to get it and have aquired it on some level but when Style is in you it will come out know matter what Fashion lable you have on or don’t have on.  Style is a Mindset that came along with you when you were born and know matter what you do or how you acted it’s always their.  It’s the way you arch you back, the way you turn your head, the way you cross your legs, the way you hold you hand, the way you smile, the way you walk and talk and it’s the grace in which you a present yourself.  Style is your life it doesn’t have to be announced because it just is and it never has to change because it’s classic it’ll always stands up and out in a crowd.  Style is like a Fine Wine it only greats better with time so for those individuals who are always mixing up the word Fashion with Style STOP because the two are so very different.  Fashion, is what you wear and  Style is who you truly are!!!

This woman has both a great since of Fashion and the Classic Style that will live forever…

coco chanel



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