5 Tips for Getting YOUR Closet Organized

5 Tips for an Organzied Closet

1. If you on wondering about getting rid of an item of clothing but are still on the fence about it the tag it with a red dot on the hanger and hang it back in your closet until later.  But, the season is over for those items you must either donate them or take them to a consignment bontique and sell them.  They can’t stay in your closet any longer.

2. Hangers:

Invest in the corrected hangers for your delicate and fabrics.  The same hangers can’t be used on all your clothing.  Jackets, Shirts, Dresses and Coats should be hung on wooden hangers.  Slacks and Skirts should be hung on Trouser hangers.  When you are hanging your Slacks hang them from the bottom of the pant leg where the cuff is this way you will never have the folded line in your Slacks.  

3. Shoe Organizers:

You have more SHOE’S then you have closet space for them… count your shoes go to the local store and purchase some clear shoe boxes for them.  When you return home pull all your shoes out of the closet take pictures of everyone of them go to the local wal-mart and have the pictures printed out.  Take each picture and place it on the front of the shoe box and put the shoe in that box.  Once you have fulled all the boxes place four boxes on top of one another and put them on your closet floor with the picture facing outward so that you can see what’s in the box.  Stack your shoe boxes neatly in order and this will always save you space in your closet.

4. Shelf Organizers: 

Shelf Organizers are used to keep your T-Shirts, Jeans and other folded items organized.   Shelf Organizers should be placed at the top of your closet because now you’re using space that would other wise just be unused.  Make sure when you’re using these organizers they all are the same kind.  

5. Accessories:

Belts should be placed in your closet on the belt hangers.  You can get a belt hanger that will have at least 8 hooks on it so that your belts are neatly in place all together.. 

Hangbags should always be place in a cloth bag so that they don’t get marks on them.  They should be placed on shelves in the top of your closet.

Jewelry should be placed in a jewelry box or your jewelry drawer.  There should be a place in your closet at eye level for your jewelry so that you can always see what you need.

If you do these 5 things your closet will be neat and clean all the time.  

One more Tip for your Closet:

When you take off your clothes for the day make sure you take 3 minutes to either hang them up or put them in your laundry basket.  This will keep your closet and bedroom area clean at all times.

closet organizers

“Always Color Code Your Closet”


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