Look for Hanging with the Girls

Take it for a spin and watch the reaction

Take it for a spin and watch the reaction


Look for a Night Out


This is for the Lady that knows style is all about who you are and fashion is about how you wear the outfit

Why STYLE is a Statement!!! Fashion is to be Wore and Trends are only Passing Through…

A Trend is something you do for right Now…

Fashion is how you wear your Cothes…


Style is something you Have and you can Never pretend to Have IT…

In our lifetime we all want to make a statement about who we are through our clothes and personality.  So, we try to dress different from the people we’re around but that doesn’t make a statement about who you are or were you’re going in life it only says we know put on different outfits.  The first thing people see or notice when they come in contact with you is the Clothes you’re wearing and the addtitude you have in them.  

So, before you can make a statement with your Fashion you have to know if and what fashion is.  So, these are a few  questions you may need to ask yourself…

  1. What desginer do I like the most? and Why?
  2. What type of makeup makes me feel great when I’m wearing it?
  3. When I think back when did I fill the most fashion forward?
  4. Do I purchases quality or quanity when it comes to my fashion?
  5. Will my clothes stand the test of time?

You may say why do I need to ask myself these questions and the reason is your anwsers will detemine if you know the difference between Fashion and Trends.  It will show you what you need to do to make a few major changes to your wardrobe.  You see Fashion is what you wear and how you put it together but trends are something you buy but can’t wear it for a lifetime.  You can only wear Trends for a moment.  You Fashion is an investment into you future because it you purchase the right piece they’ll last a lifetime and that’s what you want when it comes to your clothes.  So, before you can ever be or have Style you must know if you know what Fashion is.

Style is a hold other thing most people walk around talking about how stylish they are and how their Style is all that.  When really they are talking about their Fashion.  Because Style is an additude that you have with or without designer lables on your back.  Style is the way you enter a room, the way you hold your head when you enter that room, how you shake someone’s hand, the way you use your words in specific situations, how you hold your glass before you drink out of it.  You see Style is something you’re born with and not everyone has it.  Some people have worked hard to get it and have aquired it on some level but when Style is in you it will come out know matter what Fashion lable you have on or don’t have on.  Style is a Mindset that came along with you when you were born and know matter what you do or how you acted it’s always their.  It’s the way you arch you back, the way you turn your head, the way you cross your legs, the way you hold you hand, the way you smile, the way you walk and talk and it’s the grace in which you a present yourself.  Style is your life it doesn’t have to be announced because it just is and it never has to change because it’s classic it’ll always stands up and out in a crowd.  Style is like a Fine Wine it only greats better with time so for those individuals who are always mixing up the word Fashion with Style STOP because the two are so very different.  Fashion, is what you wear and  Style is who you truly are!!!

This woman has both a great since of Fashion and the Classic Style that will live forever…

coco chanel


Shop Your Closet

Pat Eardley has more than 16 years of experience as a recruiter, trainer and executive with industry experience in retail, telecommunications, hospitality and manufacturing. She opened her human resources consulting business in August 2009 to assist small business owners in navigating through the sea of employee relations. She had also launched a second offering in her business, coaching Christian business women on maintaining a faith foundation and achieving professional growth.

Today Pat Eardley owner of Shift HR spoke at FemCity Charleston and was styled by Style by Constantine, LLC… Mrs. Eardley spoke today on the subject of  “Reinvent Yourself and Building Your Business without Lossing Yourself”.   For more on this subject you can connect Pat Eardley pat@pateardley.com…

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5 Tips for Getting YOUR Closet Organized

5 Tips for an Organzied Closet

1. If you on wondering about getting rid of an item of clothing but are still on the fence about it the tag it with a red dot on the hanger and hang it back in your closet until later.  But, the season is over for those items you must either donate them or take them to a consignment bontique and sell them.  They can’t stay in your closet any longer.

2. Hangers:

Invest in the corrected hangers for your delicate and fabrics.  The same hangers can’t be used on all your clothing.  Jackets, Shirts, Dresses and Coats should be hung on wooden hangers.  Slacks and Skirts should be hung on Trouser hangers.  When you are hanging your Slacks hang them from the bottom of the pant leg where the cuff is this way you will never have the folded line in your Slacks.  

3. Shoe Organizers:

You have more SHOE’S then you have closet space for them… count your shoes go to the local store and purchase some clear shoe boxes for them.  When you return home pull all your shoes out of the closet take pictures of everyone of them go to the local wal-mart and have the pictures printed out.  Take each picture and place it on the front of the shoe box and put the shoe in that box.  Once you have fulled all the boxes place four boxes on top of one another and put them on your closet floor with the picture facing outward so that you can see what’s in the box.  Stack your shoe boxes neatly in order and this will always save you space in your closet.

4. Shelf Organizers: 

Shelf Organizers are used to keep your T-Shirts, Jeans and other folded items organized.   Shelf Organizers should be placed at the top of your closet because now you’re using space that would other wise just be unused.  Make sure when you’re using these organizers they all are the same kind.  

5. Accessories:

Belts should be placed in your closet on the belt hangers.  You can get a belt hanger that will have at least 8 hooks on it so that your belts are neatly in place all together.. 

Hangbags should always be place in a cloth bag so that they don’t get marks on them.  They should be placed on shelves in the top of your closet.

Jewelry should be placed in a jewelry box or your jewelry drawer.  There should be a place in your closet at eye level for your jewelry so that you can always see what you need.

If you do these 5 things your closet will be neat and clean all the time.  

One more Tip for your Closet:

When you take off your clothes for the day make sure you take 3 minutes to either hang them up or put them in your laundry basket.  This will keep your closet and bedroom area clean at all times.

closet organizers

“Always Color Code Your Closet”

My Fashion Picks for “BEST DRESS STARs” at Golden Globe Awards 2014

Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon was a vision in teal. She is one of the most stylist women in hollywood and it always look effordless. I think her choice not to at a lot of jewelry to this dress was right on point. So I say #SMOOOCHESS to her.


Kerry Washington took the Red Carpet with her baby bump. She was glorious in white. She was glowing from hair to toe!!! She is the only star that could have pull this dress off with such style…

Idris Elba at Golden Globe

Idris Elba all I can say is this man can hang a suit. So sad to hear he’s not going to play the new James Bond, I look forward to his next movie. Keep your eyes open for Idris because anything he does is worth waiting on…

Lupita Nyong 2014 Golden Glode Awards

Lupita Nyong is the breakout star of the evening and the dress she wore proved it. This red dress against he skin made her look as if she was glowing. She has earned the style award for the evening…

Naomi Watts & Husband at Golden Globes 2014

Naomi Watts and Liev Schrieber look like old hollywood on the Red Carpet. I have to say they were the best dressed couple of the evening…


Until next years Golden Globe Awards SMOOOCHESS