8 Week Challenge to Being Happy with YOURSELF

Week 1:  Finding the True You

You must ask yourself some key question this week and you’ve got to remember to be honest with yourself because when you look in the mirror at yourself the only thing you’ll see is you with your truths and your lies…  SO BE HONEST  it can only help you in the long run…

Questions to Help you this Week to Find the TRUE YOU!!!

  • How did I get to this point in my Life?
  • Why do I feel the need to save everyone else?
  • Why do I put everyone else’s needs before I put my own Needs?
  • Who’s taken care of Me while I’m taken care of everyone around me?
  • When did I stop being the most important person in my Life?
  • Who first told you that you and your needs weren’t Important?
  • Is this the path you choose for your Life or did someone else choose this path for You?
  • Who’s really been planning your Life so far (your mother, father, husband, children, friends, etc.)?


Most Important QUESTION of all….

  • What do you REALLY want your life to look like?  And, why doesn’t it look like what you’ve Dreamed it should be like?


These aren’t just questions you can write any answer to because the answers to these questions will be the bases for your life changing results and they will give you the road map to living your life not the life someone else planned for you…  This is the started of your road less traveled…

In order to change you life you must change your thinking and that starts with these questions.  Also, you must have a journal to write in because once you write it you can accomplish it…





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